A small scene from my job

The Opening Night Murders is currently in its roll-out period (Thank you to everyone who has bought it. Let me know what you think, good and/or bad), and I’ve been hard at work on characters, outlines, and research for The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire. No review this week. I reread He Who Whispers and I got a hold of a fine short story (The Case of the Modern Medusa), but other than that, I haven’t had enough time for reading. On the shelf, I’ve got The Peacock Feather Murders, The Moving Toyshop, Murder Isn’t Cricket, The Footprints of Satan, An Afternoon to Kill, and a host of more modern fare that I have promised to read (gifts and other indie authors). The new book is beginning to take up much of my time. I don’t know how much I’ll have to post this month. My research into tuberculosis surely won’t be of interest.

I still have to work at my day job though. So, in lieu of a review, I will give you a conversation I had during a recent ESL lesson. J is me and M is my student. M is male, Polish, and while fairly fluent in speaking, doesn’t have an expansive vocabulary. He’s also quite stoic. The topic of the lesson was character adjectives. I had prepared links to videos in order to demonstrate these adjectives.

M – I know ’emotion’, but what is it to ‘express emotion?’

J – It’s a fancy word for ‘show.’ You know, if someone is sad or gets angry or is thrilled, they show emotion by crying, screaming or smiling. People who are very sensitive tend to be expressive.

M – Sensitive?

J – Yeah, someone who is in touch with their feelings. Someone who feels empathy with others. Remember empathy?

M – Yeah, yeah. (mulls it over) So, a woman?

J – Well, it’s true women tend to be more sensitive, but it’s not just for women at all. In fact…(plays scene from Rebel Without a Cause) People loved James Dean because he was such a sensitive actor. As you can see, he was quite expressive.

M – (mulls it over again) So, he is gay?

J – I…no…I mean…yes but…there were rumors of bi-sexuality, but that’s not the point—

M – (nodding) He is gay.

J – Let’s move on.

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