The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire, update

Rollout of The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire

Detective fiction is a tough racket; the readers have TBR lists stretching back a hundred years. I know because I am exactly the same — most of my physical and electronic books are from the 30’s and 40’s, so I’m doubly appreciative when GAD fans buy my books. October was my best month yet. Thank you for your support, and I hope you all failed the challenge to the reader. In addition to the sales, reviews have been kind. I’ve compiled them down below.

“A lightning strike of a book. Perfectly plotted and paced.” Suddenlyathisresidence

“A masterpiece.” Gabriele Crescenzi

“Highly suspenseful.” Santosh Iyer

“Screwball comedy and gross-out pulp that work in tandem beautifully.” Ahsweetmystery

“Infuriatingly satisfying.” Theinvisibleevent

“A proper mystery that pulled the wool over my eyes.” classicmystery

“The puzzle is top-notch.” Umer Abbas

1 thought on “Rollout of The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire”

  1. In strict truth, I don’t think the reviews are merely kind — I think they reflect the appreciatetoin we have for the work that you’ve pout in to producing a classically-styled mystery at a time when that sort of thing is probably a little out of vogue (among new writers, certainly). That you’re doing such a great job simply makes such reviews very easy to write!

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