The Opening Night Murders

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Chicago. 1935. The Great Depression has brought America to its knees, and the people are dying for some entertainment. Luckily for them, a murder has been scheduled for opening night at The Red Rising Theater. When the lead actress receives a death threat, Detective Rowan Manory and his partner Walter Williams agree to take the case. Neither realizes the curtain is rising on the deadliest and most vexing mystery of their career. There will be 200 witnesses in the seats and not a single suspect on the stage. Could this be the perfect murder? The Opening Night Murders is a thrilling impossible crime novel that will keep you guessing from the first clue right up to the shocking finale.

Praise for The Opening Night Murders

“Byrnside may yet be the most exciting talent to emerge in the impossible crime novel in the 21st century.” – theinvisibleevent 

“[An] excellently positioned and executed impossible crime…in which every single aspect and detail of the story logically dovetailed together in the end.” – moonlight-detective

 “It is a mystery told with reverence for the past without a slavish dependence on it, and with an astonishing sense of authority…” – ahsweetmystery

“The premise is clever, the solution imaginative and the characters, compelling.” – mysteriesahoy

“Complicated plots, devious murderers, red herrings, and an ingenious detective all combine to form an excellent mystery that keeps the reader hooked from beginning to end.” – onlinebookclub

“The Opening Night Murders is marvellous!” – The Book Decoder

“A great classic noir-style mystery with a fantastic cast of characters, a unique setting, and a baffling mystery.” – The Crime Librarian