book review

Nine-and Death Makes Ten

The setting for John Dickson Carr's Nine-and Death Makes Ten is certainly atmospheric. The rolling fog horns, the unsteadiness of the ocean, and the cold, oppressive darkness give us the appropriate apprehension required by murder mysteries. Of course, it's the functionality of such a setting that I most appreciate. Nine passengers (and a largely faceless… Continue reading Nine-and Death Makes Ten


My favorite films of the 1980s

Drugstore Cowboy (1989) Gus Van Sant Gus Van Sant's best films tend to focus on outsiders, people separate from mainstream society. The makeshift family of Drugstore Cowboy (and the junkies with whom they interact)are firmly entrenched in the outskirts of Portland--hounded by police, haunted by dreams, and living in constant fear of feeling anything. Matt… Continue reading My favorite films of the 1980s