The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire

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In 1880, a vampire terrorized Barrington Hills, feasting on the locals and leaving their mutilated corpses as evidence. Now, forty years later, it’s happening again. Detective Rowan Manory and his assistant Walter Williams are hired to investigate. They don’t believe in the undead, but nothing else could explain murders so bloodily impossible. How does the killer walk through walls? Why doesn’t it leave footprints in the snow? Who will it kill next? The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire is a thrilling impossible-crime murder mystery from the author of Goodnight Irene and The Opening Night Murders .

Can the detectives solve the case before the vampire strikes again? Can you? You will have all the evidence necessary to solve the mystery including:

1. A map of the first murder

2. A floor plan of the house

3. Footprint diagrams showing all movement in the snow

4. A challenge to the reader featuring eight questions you must answer before the final chapter.

Praise for The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire

“A modern incarnation of the classic detective story. Highly recommended.” MoonlightDetective

“A lightning strike of a book. Perfectly plotted and paced.” Suddenlyathisresidence

“A masterpiece. A phenomenal novel that contains all the things I love in a mystery book: a horrifying atmosphere, excellent murder methods, and ambiguous and well-defined characters.” Gabriele Crescenzi

“Highly suspenseful.” Santosh Iyer

“Screwball comedy and gross-out pulp that work in tandem beautifully.” Ahsweetmystery

“The impossibilities are rich, dense, and stark in their simplicity.” Theinvisibleevent