July Update

I’ve been hard at work on The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire (I’m going to get so tired of saying that title), but I wanted to post something in the meantime. When the manuscript goes out to beta readers, I’ll be posting a lot and you won’t get me to shut up. Enjoy this quiet time.

First off — I have modest goals as a writer. The prospect of turning a profit is still far away, but sales mean readers so I have a keen interest in improving sales. My goal with The Opening Night Murders was to beat Goodnight Irene’s first month. Mission accomplished. TONM passed Irene’s first month in three weeks. Thank you to everyone. Of course, I hope to sustain sales and obtain more readers. We’ll see how thing go.

I’ve read An Afternoon to Kill (4/5 of it is perfection and then, the moment the heat should have been turned up, it lost its nerve — I was pissed), The Peacock Feather Murders (I’ll write about it soon — I feel like I should be critical, but I pull some absurd shit too) and The Bone Collector (don’t ask). I’m halfway through The Moving Toyshop.

As for TSCOTBHV…I’m nervous about the tone – it may turn out a tad goofy. I’ve got two outstanding impossibilities. There is gore galore.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer…except you weirdos in the southern hemisphere.

1 thought on “July Update”

  1. The Bone Collector is problematic; its immediate sequel The Coffin Dancer is hilarious insanity galore, however. Unfortunately the series goes downhill fast, but The Vanished Man has moments of fun — if, y’know, you were looking to read further.

    Good to know things are going well all round, from sales to the new book. Keep at it!

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