product review

Coffee and Crime Box

What present to get for the mystery fanatic in your life? A week ago, mysteriesahoy! published an unboxing video of crossexaminingcrime‘s coffee and crime box. (By the by, you should be reading their blogs instead of mine.) It looked cute, I had a birthday coming up…why not?

The package came rather quickly—all the way from merry old England. The books were cleverly wrapped with evidence tags. I also got:

vintage postcard
Dean Street Press bookmark
Clue kitchen towel — I’m American. I refuse to say cluedo. What the hell is a cluedo? I’m also not calling it a tea towel.
An out of focus clue magnet
Out of focus coffee

I got an Ellery Queen and a David Dodge—vintage books I know I’ll enjoy. What you’ll get is unknown, after all, it is a mystery box. It also came with an out-of-focus newsletter but I cannot find the picture. Also twine, precious, precious twine.

Jinxy’s favorite part of the box by far

It’s a great package and it’ll make a great gift. You can purchase a one-time order or you can get a subscription. Details are here.

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