August Update

The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire

coming in May, 2020

During the bitter winter of 1896, a series of savage murders plagued the town of Barrington Hills. Mutilated corpses lay buried in the snow, bloody teeth marks on the neck. Animals were found with their insides on full display. The town disintegrated into chaos.

Now, twenty-four years later, it’s happening again.

Detectives Rowan Manory and Walter Williams postpone their holiday to investigate. They encounter crimes so bizarre, so bloodily impossible that even Manory begins to question his sanity. How does the vampire walk through walls? Why doesn’t it leave footprints in the snow? When will it strike next?

Cast of Characters

Rowan Manory – 32, The Detective.

Walter Williams – 27, Rowan’s Watson.

The Vampire, Victims, and/or Suspects

Thomas Browning – 54, Owner of Browning rail and the town of Barrington Hills.

Margaret Browning – 26, A woman with a mysterious illness and a questionable past.

Gertude Browning – 29, A journalist with the Lexington Post.

Howard Collins (AKA H.P. Amorartis) – 31, A horror novelist.

Hådd Mades – 51, A lawyer/Thomas’s business partner. Origin unknown.

Belby Tate – 42, The butler.

Laniel Sinclair – 37, Margaret’s personal physician.

Mr. Bigglesworth – 7, The cat.

K.C. Wilbur – 28, The Marshall of Barrington Hills.

Alzbeta Cuchla — ?, a longtime resident of the Hollow, a small enclave within Barrington Hills.

3 thoughts on “August Update”

      1. “Bigglesworth”, see, is an anagram of “Big Ghost” with a few letters left over as misdirection — so obviously it’s he who’s responsible for the ghostly goings on. I’m wise to your tricks now, Byrnside…the game is on!


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