End of the year update.

I thought I’d be much further along. This will take about another month to whip into reading shape, much less be ready for editing. Best case scenario: Reading in February, Editing in March, Cover in March, Line editing in April, and a May release. Worst case scenario, July.

I also thought the vampire book would be different from my other two, but it’s pretty much the same book, just more good-natured and much bloodier. In light of this, I’ve set some rules for my 4th novel.

  1. New detective.
  2. The point of view is with the suspects. I’ve gotten too close to my detective; I should keep a distance. It will automatically solve most of my POV problems.
  3. The murder happens before the book begins. This one scares me. A lot.

There isn’t much I can tell you about The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire. There are impossible murders, lots of snow, not enough footprints, and savage vampire attacks. This book features Williams and Manory. I swore after my last book, I wouldn’t use them. I did. Perhaps, I could not bear starting a new detective with a case like this. In any event, I thought they should have a better send-off and this is it. Happy New Year.

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