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Back Cover Sketch (early stages still)

This is the current progress for the murder map. For the fonts, I’m thinking fairy-tale-ish but still readable. Some details will change and there’ll be a border of some kind. That title might be an arc. We’ll see.

The front cover is still evolving as well.

Matt wanted to move in closer. I agreed. The hand and face make better sense and the detectives are bigger. The room needs more shadow to contrast with the snow, but I like the positioning and the perspective. He’ll paint it soon, and I’m dying to see how it’ll look.

Of course, there’s always the chance that my cover will be poison in the indie book market. I’ve read a lot about successful covers. Many groups on Facebook even sell premade covers. I see a lot of warrior princesses holding a sword in front of a castle. The sky is blue with pink streams shooting out. Apparently, this is a generic cover that fits someone’s story. I’ve never seen a premade mystery cover.

Bob Dylan recently tweeted an image to announce a new song. It just happens to be a fine-looking cover for a murder mystery.

Does anyone know if he stole this? He probably stole it.

The cover for the recently reviewed DePalma book is superb.

Tell me that doesn’t belong on a 1950’s bookshelf. In the back of the store, of course. Children shouldn’t see such things.

Then there’s this.

It’s funny because it’s true.

My favorite cover of all time was this one.

It’s simple. It’s thematically linked. It’s striking (literally).

This edition is from a special limited run of 200 of actually fireproof copies of Fahrenheit 451. It is wrapped in asbestos and signed by the author. It is extremely bad for you but also pretty cool! i09 reports that you can buy a copy for $20,000.

6 thoughts on “Back Cover Sketch (early stages still)”

  1. Your novel seems to be very much inspired by Rim of the Pit based on that map alone. Very intrigued by the images and eager to read the story.

    As for that pulpish illustration. It looks VERY familiar. I’m sure its taken from a magazine cover. It could be an amalgam of two images. The hanged man silhouette looks like something I’ve definitely seen before moreso than the skeleton in top hat in the foreground. I’m off to do an image search. Will report back later.

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  2. I was right! And so were you, James. He stole it. Well, let’s say “borrowed without permission.” He is after a Nobel prize winner. They just don’t commit crimes, do they?

    It’s a blend of two images. The skeleton comes from a Shadow pulp magazine (Death About Town – July 15, 1942). I won’t include a hyperlink because my comments usually get rejected when I do. But do a Google image search using Shadow and the date of the issue and you’ll find it. Whoever created the image for Dylan reversed the position of the skeleton. On the magazine cover it’s on the left side and instead of a loaded syringe it holds a smoking cigarette.

    The hanging man shadow is from the DJ of a murder mystery novel that I’m sure I own. I’ve seen it and I’m still looking. More anon…

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  3. I knew a Second Golden Age was imminent! The return of mapbacks is one of the signs of what is to come! 😀

    Anyway, the cover art is looking great and can’t wait to read it.

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