book covers, The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire

Latest Version

As of now, the tagline is ITS ONLY MOTIVE IS BLOOD. Writing taglines is almost as hard as writing a blurb or a synopsis. I’ve gone through quite a few.

The only suspect is already dead.

Hot on the trail of a cold-blooded killer.

The footprints lead to death.

Rowan Manory has found himself in a grave situation.

Okay, I made that last one up. Anyway, here’s the latest cover. Still needs some footprints work and maybe a lighter hand.

Gross story: A few weeks back, my cover designer Matt dropped a garbage can on his big toe, leaving him with a black and blue toenail. It remained attached whilst slowly turning a dying shade of brown until last night when it finally came off. Matt immediately photographed it and used it for the vampire nails. Hardcore.

7 thoughts on “Latest Version”

    1. “The only suspect is already dead, and — hot on the trail of a cold-blooded killer — the footprints lead to a death whose only motive is blood”

      Problem solved.

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  1. “The only suspect has been dead for forty years.” Might clash with the cover because the tagline makes you think of a really passive image, a guy rotting inside a coffin for four decades, while the cover is active and implies movement.
    “The only suspect is already dead.” is much better, imo. I’d say it’s my favorite of the lot.

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