4th Book

My Next Novel

I have to write faster and put out a book in ten months rather than 14. (Was it 15? 16? I lost count). Posting details from time to time will keep me writing, so I’ll make 4th Book a category and write one post a month. Who knows? It just might work.

Bay of Blood (2021) has a basic plot, and a cast of semi-formed characters. There is a new detective. I like her a lot. My next job is to map out the plot. The plan is to start writing in December.

I have only vague thoughts about the cover. Maybe a sunset over a bay. Maybe a body in a locked room…with the key in the door…maybe 3 rooms…all with keys in the doors…and the windows locked…with 3 different solutions…I’m going to stop talking now.

Here’s a picture of Jinxy to brighten your day.

4 thoughts on “My Next Novel”

  1. The photo of Jinxy looking slightly startled at the absence of belly rubs did brighten my day… 😸 But even more brightening – brightful? bright? – is the prospect of a fourth novel. 🤩

    Could I ask if the new detective marks a departure from the previous set of characters in the first three novels?

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    1. New characters in a new place at a new time. I say that now, but I have been known to change my mind.

      Jinxy is not startled at the absence of belly rubs. This is what is known in common cat parlance as a trap.


  2. The life of a writer: after one book is done it’s time to start trucking onto the next one – very exciting! I’ve been working on a mystery short story but I feel like since it’s a short story I should work at a faster rate than I am, but when you’re working on a mystery that’s complex, I guess quality matters more than quantity in my case. Any encouragement to one who doesn’t have any published works to one that has three?


    1. You cannot please everyone, so you might as well please yourself.

      There’s something you want to see. Maybe, you want to see a body hanging from a bridge, a child solving a case, or someone swallowing the evidence. Whatever it is, it must be something worth your time and effort. If you want to see it badly enough, the satisfaction of holding a completed story in your hands is all the motivation and encouragement you’ll ever need to sit in front of a laptop and will the thing into existence.

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