My very first poll.

This is about 20 years ago at a rehearsal. I dyed my hair blonde to play a sadistic government agent.

I’m going to take a writing break soon–I’ll read a few books and put up reviews.

I’ve decided to put up a poll for the first review. That’s right, you there sitting at home get to dictate the content of this site. How exciting is that? I’ll check the poll on Thursday, so vote now.

A scene from the play

8 thoughts on “My very first poll.”

  1. I would be happy to read any of these. Probably the one I would be most interested to read would be The Greek Coffin Mystery because I think it is an interesting but flawed book. I cannot in good conscience force an EQ on anyone though.
    Death Invites You would be interesting. I plumped for the Brand though because I know they are favorites and you always have interesting things to say about them!


  2. Voted for The Greek Coffin Mystery, it’s a great novel, possibly the best of those listed… Why possibly? Because I haven’t read three of ’em of course. I wanna see if you can spot the flawed bit of knowledge about something (no, I wouldn’t count it as a spoiler even if I told you what it is). Also, you played a government agent. The rest is implied 😋


  3. I’m probably too late to have my vote matter, but recommend reading Hoodwinked before Scattershot, because they are, sort of, connected with no less than five impossible crimes between them. Two in Hoodwinked and three in Scattershot.


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