The Five False Suicides

The Synopsis Blues

1947 Maine and Gretta Grahame is living her best life. She has successfully escaped her past for several years, settling in the safe, sleepy town of New Sweden. Besides working at the local library, Gretta is president of her murder-mystery book club. She knows a lot about murder mysteries. She claims there’s no plot she can’t unravel…

Except the one she’s in. A suicide in the family leads to the discovery of a curse running through more than 2 generations of Grahames. In fact, Gretta learns that all of her relatives have committed suicide. Is she next? To find out, she enlists the help of a spiritualist, a man who was present at the formation of the curse all those years ago.

To lift the curse and save herself from her own hand, Gretta must travel to a nearly-deserted isle off the southern coast. Her friends from the book club join her. None of them are suicidal, yet they start killing themselves inside locked rooms. What is causing all these suicides? Is it murder? How? Why? Gretta and her book club will have to solve the mystery before they all do themselves in. The Five False Suicides is a murder mystery like no other.

2 thoughts on “The Synopsis Blues”

  1. Is this your next book? You’re one of the short list of authors I DuckDuckGo every few weeks to check when their next book is due out.

    If this is not your next book, can you just give me a date so I can put in my calendar already? 😉

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