The Five False Suicides

Author’s Copy

I think this is the first time I’ve been satisfied with the very first author’s copy. I’m so relieved.

Here’s the likely schedule (emphasis on likely):

Nov 19th – Nov 26th — Reading, editing, rereading, and re-editing. It may seem strange, but there’s a big difference between reading a PDF or a .doc and a physical copy.

Nov 27th — I give Matt the final insert instructions. I think there will only be 3, so isn’t major work.

Nov 27 – Dec 4th — Beta reading

Dec 4th – Dec 12th — Final editing/proofreading

Dec 17th — Release

Of course, if everything goes well, I’ll get it out earlier. If everything goes to shit, it might come out later. This proposed schedule, however, strikes me as very likely and doable. I’ll keep you informed.

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