Macaque Maniacal

Macaque Excerpt #2

It’s super busy at Byrnside Inc. I’ve got two projects going, the novel and a short story. Both have a locked room murder, but the solutions couldn’t be more different. I’ll start posting reviews whenever I take a break from writing–hopefully next month. In the meantime, enjoy this monologue from Rowan Manory.

Murderers always scream, “It wasn’t me. I would never do this. I couldn’t do this.” The truth is that no matter how fully formed a human ego and no matter how established the personality, there is always room for the savage beast. The mind is a slave to your machinations, a willing traitor of your humanity. It gives itself completely to your new, mad notions of the world without once asking if it was truly worthwhile. Reality becomes a wild sleep, both exciting and calming within the calamity of things. But all dreams have to end at some point. Yours is over. What will you do now?

3 thoughts on “Macaque Excerpt #2”

  1. I just got around to watching the Woody Allen movie — Match Point — this weekend. Not really a Woody Allen fan/follower which probably explains why it took me so long to get around to viewing this. However, the point being is that the quote above your character Rowan Manory put me very much in mind of the character played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers in this movie. The whole movie was really a slow burn leading up to some very chilling moments… And, I got the sense that the character engaged in some alternative reality rationalization along the way…

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