Monkey See, Monkey Murder

Cast of Monkey See, Monkey Murder

I don’t have a date yet. That will come soon. As things take shape, I’ll continue releasing little tidbits here and there. Writing is going very well. I’m pleased with the results.


Rowan Manory and Walter Williams have handled their fair share of impossible crimes, but nothing can prepare them for a case of simian murder.

Smelting mogul Steven Rinehardt is attacked in Malaysia while on safari. A crazed macaque nearly pummels him to death. Months later, he moves to Chicago where it happens again. Rinehardt knows who’s behind the monkey murder attempts, but that man is protected by the corrupt Chicago police.

Manory and Williams are on the case! They must uncover a sinister and complex plot in order to find the truth. The investigation culminates in the most ingenious locked-room murder the detectives have yet encountered. Monkey See, Monkey Murder is a closed-circle, fair-play, impossible-crime, detective novel. It’s fair, dark, and bloody. 

Cast of Monkey See, Monkey Murder

Steven Rinehardt (24) Owner of the Rinehardt Smelting Company.

Denholm Rinhardt (26) Steven’s brother. The black sheep of the family.

Miss Banks (22) Steven’s secretary. A sickly woman.

Benji Abbott (31) Friend of the RInehardt family and Steven’s former attorney.

Lulu Raspin (29) A showgirl and Steven’s ex-fiancée.

Ivan “The Flesher” Florkowski (41) An infamous gangster, known for dismembering his victims and stuffing their remains into barrels of concrete before letting them sink to the bottom of the Chicago River.

Paul (29) Bartender at L’Apogée Aveugle, a bar and brothel in Chicago.

Terrence Scott (44) Steven’s butler in Chicago.

MW Maverick (56) A film producer and a staunch critic of censorship.

Mckinley (21) A coroner.

Davis (?) A forensic pathologist.

Gloria Cooke (19) Another ex-fiancée of Steven Rinehardt. The daughter of an east-coast senator.

Dave Bowen (36) Owner of the Brown Bear, a Chicago bar.

Bradley (17) A soda jerk at a Chicago pharmacy.

Delbert Grady (46) A sergeant in Chicago’s 4th District.

Rowan Manory (33) The detective.

Walter Williams (28) The Watson

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