Rowan slid the paper across the desk, slowly shaking his head. “How extraordinary. A monkey attack.”    Walter corrected him. “Macaque attack.”    “Yes, macaque attack.”    “Hey, Manory?”    “Yes, Williams?”    “What is a macaque.”    “It is a monkey.”    Walter furrowed his brow. “I’m confused.”    Rowan examined the paper. “This… Continue reading Excerpt

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The Cast of “The Five False Suicides”

The Murder-mystery Association Society of New Sweden (MASONS) Gretta Grahame (22) A librarian with a dark past and a dim future. Faye Withers (27) A waitress at the Shake Shack. Gretta's roommate. Olive Tennant (53) The daughter of a wealthy toothpick mogul, Olive spends her time creating murder plots and pitching them at the club.… Continue reading The Cast of “The Five False Suicides”