4th Book, The Strange Case of the Barrington Hills Vampire

Review for Vampire

I've been very satisfied with my Booksirens review service. It's effective at gathering a wide array of reader-types to get an honest consensus at a very affordable price. The quality of the reviews varies greatly, but they're generally good at summarizing the strengths/weaknesses and describing the genre and style. One of my favorite reviews was… Continue reading Review for Vampire

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Fear and Trembling (along with a 2020 wrap up)

Brian Flynn's Fear and Trembling is an entertaining murder mystery with perhaps a bit more of the procedural about it than most of the books I read. Its primary strength is the personality of our Detective Anthony Bathurst who approaches his job with nary a hint of the tortured mentality afflicting so many brilliant sleuths.… Continue reading Fear and Trembling (along with a 2020 wrap up)