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The Cast of “The Five False Suicides”

The Murder-mystery Association Society of New Sweden (MASONS) Gretta Grahame (22) A librarian with a dark past and a dim future. Faye Withers (27) A waitress at the Shake Shack. Gretta's roommate. Olive Tennant (53) The daughter of a wealthy toothpick mogul, Olive spends her time creating murder plots and pitching them at the club.… Continue reading The Cast of “The Five False Suicides”

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Spidery Stratagems — Penelope’s Web

The main criticism of Paul Halter's writing can be summed up in one word -- overstuffed. While I don't share this criticism, it is understandable--particularly because some of the elements turn out to be intricately woven plot strands while others fall by the wayside, rendered as the sort of fantastical flourishes which contain little actual… Continue reading Spidery Stratagems — Penelope’s Web