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Preliminary sketch for the back cover.

I know this blog has been nothing but crappy drawings lately, but it’s crappy-drawing time in my process. My blog will reflect this. In the coming months, there will be gorgeous pictures, I promise. I have capable people who have agreed to make me look good.

In the meantime, this is the back cover. While weighing whether or not to have a murder map, I considered the possibility that it was unnecessary. Then the devil on my shoulder said, Don’t you want a map on the back of one of your books? Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing? The logic was impeccable, and I surrendered to it immediately.

This is my basic idea for the back cover. It shows the movement of footprints in the freshly-laid snow. The image will no doubt make more sense when properly drawn.

So far, I’ve opted for matte covers. I felt the muted colors suited the first two books. It’s difficult to picture a matte map. Rim of the Pit and The Footprints of Satan are both glossy and they suit the fantastical drawing style. We’ll see. There’s plenty of time to agonize over decisions.

3 thoughts on “Preliminary sketch for the back cover.”

  1. While weighing whether or not to have a murder map, I considered the possibility that it was unnecessary.

    This…simply does not compute. Every book is improved by the inclusion of a murder map. Hell, Jane Eyre would be a better book with a murder map. Yes, I know there’s no murder in it — what’s your point? 🙂

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  2. I’ve been following your novel’s progress but, man, this map tells it all!
    It’s pretty clear Madelaine (wasn’t her name Margaret? ) grabbed Mr. Bigglesworth and went out to the forest, pretty close to where the basement is. From there, she jumped on top of the barcode, using it as a sled. She slid across the forest.
    Browning, meanwhile, was trying to close the skylight because snow was falling inside the garage. Madelaine knew it, because she left the crystal open on purpose.
    Once the barcode-sled was really close to the garage, she threw Mr. Bigglesworth against poor Thomas. The cat impacted against the man, making him fall to the floor below. He died a horrible death and Mr. Big, as I call the cat, went down and ate the corpse of the fucker who neglected him. Also, Amorartis is Lovecraft.
    There, I’ve solved it.

    Jokes aside, maps and mystery novels are the best combination ever.
    Good luck with everything, James. And even if you can’t surpass The Hollow Man or Rim of the Pit, you can go mano-a-mano against Halter’s Lord of Misrule and maybe beat the crap out of it 😋

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