March (my god, it’s March already!) Update

My apologies for not posting lately, but I’ve been busy with work and writing. Small update: I had my first cover meeting. We talked about color and light for a bit. The best model for a vampire is clearly F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu. Thankfully, Werner Herzog made a faithful color recreation in 1979.

Matt informed me that it was chiaroscuro I wanted. The broken patch of light in the corner of the above frame was particularly attractive to my eyes. Cronenberg used the technique to tremendous effect in Spider.

Compositionally, we decided on a view of the vampire standing inside the garage and looking out the window. In the glass’s reflection, we see the detectives following the footprints through the snow. I would have included a drawing, but my single attempt at drawing a reflection yielded hilarious results. You’ll just have to imagine. Like this:

But it’s a garage window, we’re closer and the reflection is in the bottom right panel. Maybe some icicles hanging down. And the vampire is probably more Klaus Kinski anyway.

That’s a fine-looking vampire. Just beastly enough.

Anyway, I imagine a bit more radio (digital?) silence (save for the odd update/review). The May release date is a pipe dream. July sounds good. August too. I will keep you informed. Editing has been a slow but satisfying process, and I will continue to plug away.

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