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My very second poll!

Here is a picture of me and a random cat in Istanbul.

I’m not going to do these polls forever. At some point, I’ll simply read what I want from the big pile. I’ve discussed reviewing some contemporary authors (both self and traditionally published), and those will come…sometime soonish–probably in the winter. In the meantime, the last poll forced me to read, which is good. Very good.

For this week, I’ve included the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place winners (losers?) from last week. Though I dropped the four books with the least votes, those titles are not gone–they have been shifted to the bottom of the pile…the huge pile of TBR. I imagine they are suffocating right about now. Struggling in the dark under the weight of all those titles. Poor Patricia Wentworth. No one voted for her. She must be depressed.

I’ll be back on Thursday to close this poll.

Unless you have evidence I’ve stolen yogurt, I demand you stop casting such wild aspersions!

2 thoughts on “My very second poll!”

  1. I try to vote and the message “Server error. Please try again” appears at the top of the poll. Damn you, technology!


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