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On Changing Covers

When it came time to make Goodnight Irene's cover, I called on Matthew David Arthur Willis-Jones. We've been friends for twenty years, and I was well aware of his talents. Matt had been living in Oslo working on Hollywood movies (Batman Begins, Kingdom of Heaven) until he packed up for Mexico City. I described the… Continue reading On Changing Covers

Goodnight Irene

A Quick Explanation of Goodnight Irene’s Dedication

My first book, Goodnight Irene, was dedicated to Christianna Brand. It’s an odd dedication because the book bears little resemblance to Brand’s writing aside from the armor reference from Death of Jezebel. There are many things I admire about her writing, but I’ll list three that are missing from my debut. Sympathetic and complex characters. She’s well known… Continue reading A Quick Explanation of Goodnight Irene’s Dedication